Jack the Ripper tears up DSiWare

Nintendo Store Update: Digital storefront adds quartet of new titles for camera-equipped portable, WiiWare welcomes latest ArtStyle offering and two more titles.


World Poker Tour: Texas Hold 'Em
Manic Monkey Mayhem
Viral Survival
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Nintendo today updated its digital download destination's growing software catalogs with a total of seven new titles. From the storied sanguineous adventures of English serial killer Jack the Ripper to the drama and tension of the poker table, Nintendo covered an array of genres with this week's update.

The ballooning collection of DSiWare titles expanded today with Metal Torrent (500 DSi points, or $5), a vertically scrolling shooter from Nintendo. In the title, players will pilot a ship and fight against waves of attacking forces and can log their high scores to online leaderboards via Nintendo Wi-Fi connectivity.

Art Style: light trax has a decidedly minimalist approach to visuals.
Art Style: light trax has a decidedly minimalist approach to visuals.

Also arriving on the DSiWare service today was World Poker Tour Texas Hold 'Em. Appropriately enough, this 500 DSi point ($5) game from Hands-On Mobile attempts to take the drama, pressure, and high stakes of the World Poker Tour on the road. Purportedly "tested and approved" by the experts at the tour, the game allows for one to six players to compete simultaneously via a local wireless connection.

The budget-friendly option of the week is Advanced Circuits. For 200 Wii points, or $2, players can challenge their minds in this single-player, brain-busting circuit board game. Developed by French studio BiP Media, this title features 60 preset game boards in Challenge mode, 72 awards to collect, and a Free Play mode, as well as a tutorial for those in need of help.

Rounding out the DSiWare titles this week is Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper (800 DSi points, or $8). This title, the most expensive of this week's bunch, will see players time travel to the 1880s, where the infamous killer perplexed Scotland Yard. From England-based developers Virtual Playground, Real Crimes challenges players to solve the notorious killer's crime spree.

Nintendo didn't forget its home console this week and released three titles for WiiWare ranging from monkey hijinks to the next installment of the popular Art Style franchise. Art Style: light trax is a single-player title from Nintendo that has gamers controlling a white beam of light and guiding it through both 2D and 3D perspectives. The latest Art Style title features two modes with distinct goals and sells for 600 Wii points ($6).

On the simian side of things, Nintendo unleashed Manic Monkey Mayhem, an 800 Wii points title. Up to four players can take part in the shenanigans in both campaign missions and in multiplayer, both locally and via a Wi-Fi connection. Manic Monkey Mayhem can also be played with a Wii Balance Board.

Finally, Viral Survival, from NIS America, hit WiiWare this morning. For 500 Wii points ($5), players can assume the form of a "DNA unit," sweeping and dodging through enemy virus strains creating a tail and growing in size while gunning for the highest point total. Viral Survival has a total of five game modes, each with online leaderboards.

Nintendo did not have any releases for the Virtual Console this week.

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