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Jack Black Will Rock Your Socks Off In Psychonauts 2

Jack Black previously starred in Double Fine games like Broken Age and Brutal Legend.


Longtime Double Fine Productions collaborator Jack Black is returning for Psychonauts 2--shown during the Xbox Games Showcase event--and he’s bringing his excellent singing voice with him. The Tenacious D frontman will play a “magical mote of light” who will help Razputin Aquato on his trippy adventure--which apparently won't be releasing until next year.

Black’s character will be just one of the new faces Raz encounters in Psychonauts 2, and he’ll have to make use of his psychic abilities in order to uncover the truth behind the Psychonauts--and himself. The new trailer showed Rez sending his consciousness into a brain that's kept in a jar. The world he explores within is bizarre to say the least, with Jack Black lending his voice to the background music as Rez encounters nightmarish beings.

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Because Psychonauts 2 was announced as a multi-platform release before Xbox Game Studios acquired Double Fine Productions, it will still launch on PS4 and PC in addition to Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Psychonauts 2 will also be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

That acquisition actually helped Double Fine expand on the game, as it was able to bring back cut content once the purchase was complete. This included boss fights, and the game was able to be completed according to the studio’s vision.

A release date for Psychonauts 2 was not confirmed, but it will apparently be launching sometime in 2021. Although there was no release date window mentioned by Microsoft or included in the trailer, 2021 is listed in the new trailer's description on YouTube.

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