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Jack Black Wants Pedro Pascal To Play Wario In The Next Super Mario Bros. Movie

Black joked that Pascal as Wario could be powerful enough to force Bowser to team up with Mario.


If there is a single character who can be considered the main antagonist of the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise, it's Bowser. And, after one movie, he's also the main antagonist of the brand-new Super Mario Bros. Movie franchise, too. But that doesn't mean he'll for sure be the main baddie in the next movie. Or at least that's what Jack Black, who plays Bowser in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, wants you to think. And he's got a specific person in mind who could make quite a villainous splash in the next one: Pedro Pascal.

"It's not a given that Bowser will return. You know, I did a few Kung Fu Panda movies, and it was a different villain every movie. They may do the same thing," Black said.

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In response, I suggested that Mario could pull a Fast & Furious #family maneuver on Bowser and turn him into a good guy. Black seemed to like that idea enough to run with it.

"You know, what if there is a more powerful, more evil villain? Then I may need to be turned to help Mario and the rest to defend our universe against some other unseen force of evil. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Black said as he changed his tone of voice to that of a dramatic trailer narrator.

"Wario. Pedro Pascal is Wario."

We also asked Black about Bowser's standout song, Peaches, his Tenacious D-esque ballad in which he expresses his stalker-ish love for Princess Peach that's easily one of the best bits in the movie. However, he was apparently instructed by the studio to not talk about it before the film was released. Still, his refusal to comment wasn't delivered with an entirely straight face.

"I don't even know what you're talking about. I assume you're talking about a song?" he replied with a joking obliviousness.

"I cannot confirm nor deny that there is a Bowser song. I hope there is. I love songs. But I don't know if there's a Bowser song. I haven't seen the movie. But I will say this: I'm looking very much forward to seeing the movie and finding out if there is one of the greatest songs ever in a movie."

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is in theaters now. You can read GameSpot's spoiler-free review here, and we've also got a spoilery breakdown of our favorite parts of the movie.

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