It's official: GTA: VCS is PS2-bound

Following weeks of mounting suspicion, Rockstar confirms its second Grand Theft Auto PSP game is being ported to the PlayStation 2.


After steering clear of publicity for several months, Rockstar Games is back in the limelight. On Tuesday, the company startled many by announcing that it would release a sequel to its controversial snuff-stealth game Manhunt for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and the Wii.

Today, Rockstar shocked very few by saying that it is porting its PSP hit Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories to the PlayStation 2. The lack of surprise came following several unconfirmed reports that an entry for the PS2 VCS had appeared on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board's Web site. However, the claim was unverifiable because no such listing was in the ESRB site's database (for long, anyway). Currently, the site still only lists the PSP VCS.

As with last year's port of the first GTA PSP game, Liberty City Stories, Rockstar is wasting little time. The PS2 Vice City Stories is set to ship in just a month, arriving in North America on March 6 and in Europe on March 9. But while the PS2 LCS was a $19.99 budget game, no price has yet been set for the port of VCS.

For more on the original game, check out GameSpot's full review.

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WoW great even tho the said no mater what it wont go to the PS2 its a PSP title only but as I was told money talks. Bought this for PSP but never really play it so may get rid and get it for PS2 now.

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cool.back to the 80s with me when this hits for PS2.cant wait!i heard u can swim in this game!awesome.

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This is the reason I didn't buy this one for the PSP.

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I hope it will get a high score

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good. hopefully people wont downgrade it like with liberty city stories on PS2

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I am so happy that Vice City Stories is coming to the PS2. I got Liberty City Stories for the PSP and I think I would have rather played it on my PS2 at home. Its a lot nicer. And hopefully its priced at 19.99$.

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Finally! I am a big fan of the GTA's. Been playing them since they came out on the PS. By far Vice City is my favorite and I can not wait to get my hands on VCS. Hopefully, I will have a PS3 by the time the start making the GTA's for that system. Love You Rockstar Games!

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FACT: Handheld games should not be ported to home consoles.

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I still have yet to play LCS. To be honest, GTA:SA sorta threw me away from the series. Had nothing to do with the area or content. I thought it had a great new setting. Just I felt save points and mission were just a tad bit of a pain. And it took from the fun. On the missions you have to drive 8 miles to get to,, just to start. You need to have away to save in mission. Only one maybe but still. Its not that the mission are that bad. Its just pain to drive everywhere to make a small mistake and have to re do so much. Somehow this never seemed to be a problem as bad in Bully. So Bully became my new favorite from them. I think if they iron that out some. They got a much more approachable game. And one you will stay glued to for hours.

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i have Liberty City Vice City San Andreas it would be kool to own ALL of them

Avatar image for Talldude80

boooooooo! NO MORE psp ports on the big(er) screen. I hated LCS. That game played SO bad on the ps2. GTAIII was 10x better. And GTA:SA was 3X better than that.

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I think it

Avatar image for garysbrown

GRAND THEFT AUTO - VICE CITY STORIES passed 18 - according to the BBFC website as of the 7th Feb << LINK REMOVED >>

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I love this, basically cause I own a ps2 but not a psp.

Avatar image for darren90uk

brilliant i love vice city and as its on ps2 even better!

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Keep milking! A PSP game being ported to PS-2 is only for more cash.....

Avatar image for RamoneVercetti

This made my year! Thank You, Rockstar, I knew You wouldn't let this poor boy down!!!!

Avatar image for Khoo1992

I expected this already, not a surprise

Avatar image for SpeedMan72

i knew this was going 2 happen and next is gta san andreas stories

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PSP sucks anyway. I waited for Liberty City Stories to come out for PS2, and I waited for this one. I doubt the date, though. LCS was supposed to come out in April and it came out on June 6th. I hope they don't do the same this time!

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i think we all saw this one coming...i'm surprised...NOT!

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They won't be making a San Andreas Stories, I'll pretty much guarantee that. The Rockstar Leeds crew is working on the PSP Manhunt, and by the time that's out, there will be another PSP game for them to work on, probably stemming from GTAIV. I'm sure the price will be the same as well, since there won't be any online gameplay. I'm looking forward to this, just as a diversion until GTA IV.

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I will definitely buy this game when it comes out for PS2. I'm pretty sure listening to the new things on the radio will be worth the price.

Avatar image for streetthug

Yes I can not wait. My Gta collection continues on. Then i was thinking since these PSP's remakes will there be a San Andreas Stories is the question on my mind.

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Sweet. LCS wasn't groundbreaking, but a good time none the less. Can't wait for VCS!

Avatar image for gskehans97

that's good news...but i still can't wait for GTA4 for come out for the xbox360 tho!

Avatar image for eminem_trick_01

hope it will be better than LCS :roll:

Avatar image for HamsterLV

About time yo!

Avatar image for GreenGoblin2099

Wonderful!!! right when I got a PSP they come to this... well, I didn't get it for GTA anyways :P

Avatar image for Thegame1456

Now you must wait rockstar for announcing San Andreas Stories for psp and after a port game for Ps2.And after that you all have to wait for GTA IV for Ps3 and 360............!

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I prefer the portability of the PSP version, and I wonder if they'll include the multiplayer this time.

Avatar image for Paul_TheGreat

Not surprised

Avatar image for hungfar

I distinctly remember a Rockstar rep saying that this wasn't going to PS2. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Avatar image for Andrew451

I knew it. Glad I ditched my psp!

Avatar image for subsonicdust

How predictable, Rockstar.

Avatar image for Get_Shorty

I'm not playing that on that old console. I'll wait for it to have better graphics on the Next-Gen systems.

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Wont it have to be a budget game? It would be desparate if they tried to charge full price .

Avatar image for AA7

wow. i had no idea this was going to happen. i am so shocked. wow.

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so, is this a sign that more psp games will hit consoles? I for one would love to see Daxter on the PS2 oh well I can dream anyhow

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Hope this has Gfx better than the PSP version.

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It kind of feels better to play this on the psp for me, have a 360 and its hard to push it away just for a ps2 game that isn't going to feel fresh. I have this on the psp but am still playing the LCS at the moment, fun to have a portable version of those games though, nothing like playing psp GTA when the g/f is watching American idol.... Keeps me sane.

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No surprise here.

Avatar image for The_Weekend

great deal for the PS2 camp!

Avatar image for Dr_Corndog

glinz, no one buys XBox games anymore. While the Playstation 2 still has a huge user base, the XBox 360 has had over a year to establish itself, and many XBox users have already upgraded. On top of that, since the XBox 360 isn't truly backwards-compatible, it would require the writing of a new emulator for the XBox 360 to even be capable of playing this game were it released for the original XBox. In short, there aren't enough XBox 1 users to justify an XBox release of this game.

Avatar image for maxsteel86

Glinz, I'm just guessing here but maybe Sony still have some exclusivity thing on those games? But yeah, a port on to the xbox would be nice. Has development for the Xbox stopped already?

Avatar image for Sonovius

do people still care about gta? i cant tell whats a new gta game and whats not anymore and dont really mind.

Avatar image for njjennjim

Another reason for me to not buy a psp

Avatar image for glinz

Has anybody else noticed that Rockstar has for some unapparent reason yet to port any of the GTA STORIES games to the XBOX yet? I'm just a little bit curious as of to why that is and if they will anytime soon!

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So why does anybody buy these hot PSP games, when you can wait and get them for $20?!?! PSP+GTA:LCS+GTA:VC(1gb memory card)=$350....or wait a few months=$40. If Sony wants people to buy that dumb system KEEP the GOOD GAMES ON THE PSP ONLY!!

Avatar image for onlineps2player

yeah ! :D