It's official: GTA: VCS is PS2-bound

Following weeks of mounting suspicion, Rockstar confirms its second Grand Theft Auto PSP game is being ported to the PlayStation 2.


After steering clear of publicity for several months, Rockstar Games is back in the limelight. On Tuesday, the company startled many by announcing that it would release a sequel to its controversial snuff-stealth game Manhunt for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and the Wii.

Today, Rockstar shocked very few by saying that it is porting its PSP hit Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories to the PlayStation 2. The lack of surprise came following several unconfirmed reports that an entry for the PS2 VCS had appeared on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board's Web site. However, the claim was unverifiable because no such listing was in the ESRB site's database (for long, anyway). Currently, the site still only lists the PSP VCS.

As with last year's port of the first GTA PSP game, Liberty City Stories, Rockstar is wasting little time. The PS2 Vice City Stories is set to ship in just a month, arriving in North America on March 6 and in Europe on March 9. But while the PS2 LCS was a $19.99 budget game, no price has yet been set for the port of VCS.

For more on the original game, check out GameSpot's full review.

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