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Can't get enough of indie games? Good news: we're here to help! Welcome to Indie Hour, the weekly video show where we demo a variety of independent games. Join us as we bring you everything from the insanely whacky to the deep and meaningful. Best of all, it's all live, and you can get involved!

Tune in for the Indie Hour LIVE every Tuesday, 12 p.m. AEST / 3 a.m. GMT / Monday, 7 p.m. PST. The GameSpot AU weekly stream schedule can be found here.

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Missed an episode? Catch up with the archives below!

Let's play… Chasm and Dawning

Jess and Ed take on 2D action in the demo for Discord Games' Chasm and control a suspected naked Slenderman in entropixel's Dawning.

Let's play… Signal Ops

Zorine and Ed play an extremely unconventional FPS with a healthy dose of strategy and a unique way of unlocking doors.

Let's play… Running With Rifles

This week Ed and Zorine check out a top-down military game that heavily features running with rifles. And other guns.

Let's play… Zafehouse: Diaries

Indie Hour returns with Ed and Jess testing their relationships with the tactical turn-based zombie-survival relationship simulator from ScrewFly Studios, Zafehouse: Diaries!

Let's play… Receiver

This week, Zo and Ed tackle an FPS with some seriously realistic gun mechanics. Will they be able to hone their skills to fight through the deadly world of Receiver?

Let's play… Anodyne

This week on Indie Hour, Ed and Zorine check out the Zelda-esque world of Anodyne and sweep their way past snarky rocks and the Many Dwights.

Let's play… Reprisal

Zorine and Ed tackle world building and ultimate destruction this week as they play god, literally, in the pixel world of Reprisal.

Let's play… Perspective

Ed and Zorine start seeing in a new perspective when they check out the mind-bending 2D-3D puzzle platformer from those clever people at Digipen.

Let's play… Teleglitch

Ed and Zorine delve into the top-down, sci-fi, roguelike of Teleglitch and attempt to deal with swarms and perma-death. The full stream can be found here.

Let's play… The Organ Trail

The first Indie Hour for 2013 features Hats Productions' zombified reinvention of The Oregon Trail. Will Ed and Zorine make it to the end?! And who will they lose along the way? The full stream can be found here.

Let's play… Hotline Miami

Animal masks, surrealist dream states, mass murder, and the '80s. Join Ed, Zorine, and Jess as they tear their way through this retro indie delight.

Let's play… The Basement Collection

Jess and Ed fire up and run through Edmund McMillien's collection of early works, featuring the original Meat Boy, Coil, Triachnid, Aether, Gish, Time Fcuk, Spewer, and Grey Matter!

Let's play… Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

Are you ready for some hardcore buffalo-shooting, space-jumping, berry-eating, purple fever action!? Join Ed and Zorine as they create and take pixel versions of the GameSpot staff and community through a 100 percent historically accurate pilgrim simulation!

Let's play… Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers

Ed and Zorine wreaked wanton havoc with the help of lasers, grappling hooks, and rockets, all in the name of physics-based platform puzzling in the stylish indie game Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers.

Let's play… Slender

For some dumb reason, Jess McDonell and Laura Parker agreed to play indie horror game Slender for about an hour in a dark room. Let's just say you might want to turn down the volume for this one.

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