It's Fall Guys Vs. Among Us In This Ridiculous Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mod

If you ever wanted the colorful beans from Fall Guys to wage war against the space people from Among Us, this mod is for you.


Two of this year's biggest surprises might not be directly trying to take each other out, but in this Star Wars Battlefront II mod, it's all about the intergalactic struggle between Fall Guys and Among Us.

The mod transforms the Rebel Alliance fighters with the colorful bean bodies of the contestants from Fall Guys, while the Imperial forces are all replaced with stretched out and frankly uncomfortable models from Among Us (which is coming to Nintendo Switch). You can see the forces waging war in the gameplay below, which somehow works despite the clashing art styles.

The mod was seemingly commissioned by YouTuber ToastedShoes (and developed by NoTengoTortuga) who showcased the gameplay above nearly a month ago. The mod wasn't public then, but you can grab it from Nexus Mods now. It's two separate downloads for each of the teams, and you will need an additional Fall Guys Hero Overhaul mod to get those characters working.

If you're not interested in playing with the mod you can still enjoy some of art. Many character transformations are available on the mod page, including this treat showing General Grievous if he had no arms and just one long Among Us space man body. It’s something.

Imperial Among Us troops
Imperial Among Us troops

Among Us and Fall Guys are still going strong, with high player numbers and new content being regularly added to both titles. Fall Guys has added a bunch of new skins recently, along with a tease that Doomguy will be heading to the game soon.

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