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Lego 2K Drive Cloud And Cross-Platform Saves Temporarily Disabled To Avoid Progression Loss

The upcoming racing game Lego 2K Drive is on its way, but some are reporting major issues with lost progress on PS5.


Update: Alongside the full release of Lego 2K Drive today, we've gotten further word on the status of lost saves. In a statement shared with GameSpot, 2K said the issue will be "fully resolved" with the release of an update that's "coming soon." In the meantime, to avoid having this issue impact more players, it's temporarily disabling cloud saves. A side effect of this is that cross-platform saves will be disabled during this time.

"For the time being, we advise that players stick to playing Lego 2K Drive on a single platform, rather than attempting to change between multiple platforms," the statement explained. "This will avoid any loss of progress due to cross-platform saves."

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Original story: Lego 2K Drive, the upcoming racing game from Visual Concepts, launches on May 19, but some early players are reporting hours of lost progress on PS5. It's unclear what exactly is causing this issue, but given that we've seen three users discuss the issue online prior to its wide release, it's safe to say it's something you should watch out for.

Game journalist Chris Scullion of VGC said on Twitter that he lost 10 hours of progress due to an apparent syncing issue. The reviewer put in those hours in multiple sessions, using the PS5's Rest Mode to resume the suspended session every time.

After those 10 hours, Scullion went into the game's store to spend some currency, saw that Lego 2K Drive was "offline," and tried to reconnect to 2K's servers. This restored the game's last cloud save, which erased those 10 hours of progress. Scullion said that the game should tell you when you're disconnected from the server for any length of time, and that connecting will delete established offline progress, which are two warnings that are usually supplied by online games.

Visual Concepts has confirmed it's aware of some players losing their progress on PS5, telling GameSpot it is "investigating and will share additional updates as soon as they’re available."

Though Lego 2K Drive isn't officially out yet, its premium editions offered a three-day early access period as part of the package. Two Reddit users have already reported similar issues to Scullion, indicating that this will potentially be a big problem at launch that will likely require a patch. In the meantime, we recommend not using the PS5's Rest Mode (or any platform equivalent) with the game until we hear more about this issue.

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