'It's anarchy out there,' says former EA manager

Ben Cousins remarks on current state of industry, saying "big companies are finding it difficult to steer their supertankers."


Former Electronic Arts manager and Battlefield producer Ben Cousins believes the industry is in a state of chaos. Speaking to Bloomberg, the industry veteran, now a manager at DeNA, said the biggest publishers are having difficulty retaining staff amid the boom of mobile platforms.

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"It’s anarchy out there, and these big companies are finding it difficult to steer their supertankers,” Cousins remarked.

A recent Game Developers Conference survey of 2,500 North American developers found that 58 percent of game creators said they plan to ship their next game for smartphones and tablets. Just 11 percent of surveyed developers said they are making their next game for the PlayStation 4, the same percentage for the rumored Xbox 720.

Cousins is not the first industry veteran to speak of chaos in the industry. In February, former Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski said the game industry is in a "massive state of turmoil" unmatched since the crash of the 1980s.

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