It's A Very Good Day To Have Xbox Game Pass

Did you know it's the best deal in gaming? You did? Well then...


Praising Xbox Game Pass has become something of a meme over the last few months, but it really is that great! Today, it's an especially good time to be a subscriber, as Xbox Game Pass added the new game Age of Empires 4 on PC as well as the cult classic Alan Wake's American Nightmare, The Forgotten City, Project Wingman, and more.

These join games from earlier this month such as Dragon Ball FighterZ, the PC version of Outriders, and Echo Generation, and a number of other games have added touch controls for mobile devices--Gears Tactics is one of them, and its turn-based strategy makes it a perfect choice for on-the-go gaming.

Xbox Game Pass is beginning to get console games that are not available on Xbox One. But things may be looking up for those still hunting for a Series X|S, as rumors suggest supply for the holiday season may be better than expected. However, cloud-streaming for Series X games to Xbox One means even Series X games could work on the older system, should your internet allow for it.

Microsoft continues to release first-party games day-and-date on Game Pass. This means November's Forza Horizon 5 and December's Halo Infinite will both be available to play for no extra cost, and you shouldn't have to worry about Halo ever leaving the service. Forza is another story--music licensing routinely means that the games disappear a few years after they're made available on digital stores.

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