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It's A Huge Mistake To Only Play Resident Evil 4's Remake Once

In the first episode of No HUD, Jean-Luc looks into Resident Evil 4 and makes the case of it being one of the most replayable single-player games.


GameSpot's new slate of original video programming continues today with the launch of No HUD, an ongoing series from host and producers Jean-Luc Seipke and Jake Dekker. The show is all about finding new and interesting ways to play some of your favorite games. And in our first episode, Jean-Luc looks at Resident Evil 4 Remake and explains why it's a huge mistake to stop after your first playthrough.

Jean-Luc argues that Resident Evil 4 has so much more to offer beyond the first playthrough. People who head for another go-around can expect higher difficulties, more unlockables, and exciting challenges to pursue. In the end, Jean-Luc makes a case for Resident Evil 4's remake being one of the most highly replayable single-player games out there.

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Check out the full episode of No HUD above. And come back each Wednesday for a new installment in the series.

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