It's a Good Week to Get Back Into Diablo 3 on Xbox One/360 and PS4/PS3

Get double XP or encounter twice as many Treasure Goblins, depending upon your platform of choice.

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No matter what console you own the game on (sorry, fellow PC players), Blizzard is offering some new incentives for Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition players to jump back into the game during the next week.

On Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, you'll receive a 100% bonus to experience, a perk that stacks with other, existing in-game bonuses, like items and shrines. That makes this an ideal time to create a new character, make that final push toward level 70, or pad out your Paragon level.

Considering the name of the game is items, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players get a bonus that's arguably even more tantalizing: Treasure Goblin spawns have been doubled. Provided you're able to reliably kill them, that offers you a better chance of getting some good drops, not to mention more opportunities to visit the Vault.

The Vault is one of a number of things added in the 2.1.0 patch, which went live earlier this week on Xbox One and PS4. This introduced many of the features PC players have been enjoying for the past few months, like Greater Rifts and Legendary gems.

Both the last-gen and current-gen bonuses are now available and will remain in effect through October 17. In the case of 360 and PS3 players, you'll need to own the Ultimate Evil Edition to take advantage--the pre-expansion version of Diablo III won't do.

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