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It Looks Like The Terminator Is Finally Returning to Fortnite's Item Shop

Sarah Conner and the T-800 haven't been seen in the Fortnite shop in nearly two years


It's been more than 600 days since anybody has been able to buy the T-800 Terminator or Sarah Conner skins in Fortnite, but it looks like they're finally coming back very soon.

Fortnite dataminers like FireMonkey and FNAssist have reported that the Future War item shop tab has been added back into the rotation of shop tabs that can be displayed. Though there are exceptions, a tab being re-added generally indicates it will appear in the shop within the next few weeks. It could be tomorrow, it could be two weeks from now, or it could be anywhere in between.

The last time you could buy Fortnite's Terminator cosmetics in the item shop was March 23, 2021--they originally were released two months earlier on January 22. Among the cosmetics is a T-800 Terminator, skeleton-style, and Sarah Conner with two styles. So no, the T-800 is not an Arnold Schwarzenegger skin, but the Sarah Conner outfit definitely carries the likeness of Linda Hamilton.

The outfits and their back blings come in a bundle for 2800 V-Bucks, along with two pickaxes (a combat knife and a Terminator arm) and a flaming thumbs up emote.

Fortnite fans love to debate whether Epic should bring back old exclusive battle pass cosmetics to sell to folks who missed out on, for example, the incredible Lara Croft skin from Chapter 2 Season 6, or any of the Marvel Skins, like She-Hulk and Tony Stark, from Chapter 2 Season 4. But there remain a few licensed item shop cosmetics like this Terminator set that remain in the vault without any explanation.

Most notable among these licensed skins are Chief Hopper and the Demagorgon from Stranger Things, which haven't been sold since 2019. We've also got the John Wick set and Kratos from God of War, both of which were last seen in the item shop simultaneously alongside the Terminator set the last time it appeared in March of 2021.

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