It Looks Like Lance Reddick Is in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Reddick also had parts in Quantum Break and Destiny.


A pretty stunning story trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn was released yesterday. It teased out some of the mysterious story and characters--both friend and foe. One of main character Aloy's allies appears to be a character played by Lance Reddick from The Wire and Lost.

The character, who is seen as a hologram, shows up at around 1:24 in the video above. He says to Aloy, "You've come a long way since the citadel, Aloy." She asks, "Who are you?" He responds, "An interested party." If that all sounds very mysterious--that's the point.

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According to developer Guerrilla Games, it is intentionally holding back specifics about the game's characters and world because it wants players to go in with fresh eyes and a strong drive to explore the world and find answers for themselves.

Reddick is no stranger to video games, having also voiced characters in Quantum Break (and he appeared in the game's live-action TV show element) and Destiny. It hasn't been 100 percent confirmed that Reddick is in Zero Dawn, but the actor retweeted someone's tweet about spotting him in the new Zero Dawn trailer.

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Zero Dawn launches exclusively for PS4 on February 28.

The game was originally scheduled to release in 2016, before Sony announced a delay to 2017. Developer Guerrilla Games said at the time that the delay would afford the company "the extra time required to deliver fully on our ambitious vision for Horizon: Zero Dawn."

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