It Looks Like Blizzard Is Teasing Diablo For Nintendo Switch [UPDATE]

It's been 18 years since Blizzard released a game on a Nintendo console.


[Update] It appears Blizzard's cryptic tweet wasn't alluding to a Nintendo Switch version of Diablo after all. "We can assure you we’re not that clever," a Blizzard representative told Polygon. The representative said the tweet was "meant to be a fun community engagement piece" and that the company has "nothing to announce." While this doesn't rule out the possibility that a Diablo game could eventually come to Switch, a port doesn't appear to be in the cards just yet.

The original story follows.

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Blizzard has released cryptic teaser that some are taking as a signal that the Diablo franchise might be heading to the Nintendo Switch. A six-second video posted on Twitter shows the famous Diablo demon as a nightlight that someone is...switching on.

"Sweet dreams," says the video's caption.

Many people in the replies on Twitter believe this could be a reference to some version of Diablo coming to Nintendo's hybrid console. Among those who replied, many said they are enthusiastic about such a prospect and would by Diablo for Switch right away.

Blizzard hasn't released any games for a Nintendo platform since it brought Starcraft to the Nintendo 64 in the year 2000. People also want to see Blizzard's Overwatch come to Switch, but game director Jeff Kaplan says that's unlikely (but not impossible).

2012's Diablo III is the latest entry in the series. The dungeon-crawler was originally released on PC exclusively before coming to consoles later. Could Nintendo Switch be the game's next destination? It's too soon to say, but it's an exciting prospect to think about.

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