Isle of Man TT Superbikes announced

Jester Interactive announces that it is working on a superbike racing game for the PlayStation 2. First screens inside.


UK-based Jester Interactive has today announced that it is working on Isle of Man TT Superbikes for the PlayStation 2. Currently scheduled for release in Europe in the first quarter of 2004, the game is based on the world famous Isle of Man TT road race and will feature an accurate re-creation of the 33.73-mile course.

"This is a very exciting project for Jester. The brand has worldwide recognition, and we are getting all the major motorcycle manufacturers and sponsors involved," said Martin Kitney, PR manager at Jester. "The game will truly immerse gamers and will require split-second accuracy to succeed, just like the real race."

Isle of Man TT Superbikes will feature over 50 licensed bikes from major manufacturers, and, in addition to traditional racing, it will feature a "mad Sunday" mode in which players have to contend with oncoming road traffic as well as other racers. Multiplayer options on offer will include split-screen support for two players and a cooperative sidecar mode. We'll bring you more information on Isle of Man TT Superbikes as soon as it becomes available.

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