<i>Silent Hill</i> trailer spooks Web

Full-length promo for movie based on Konami's horror series shows mom on hunt for missing daughter in haunted town.


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Game-to-movie adaptations have gotten a bad rap, some deservedly so. One of 2006's entrants into the genre is Sony Pictures' Silent Hill, based on the survival horror game from Konami. Sony released a teaser trailer earlier this month, but the only thing viewers got out of it was that it was (a) going to be a movie, and (b) going to be scary.

A longer, proper trailer for the movie hit the Web via Yahoo today, and it's much more descriptive. In it we see Radha Mitchell (Finding Neverland) as a mother who loses her daughter after nearly hitting the prerequisite horror-movie scary little girl. Spookiness ensues as Mitchell searches the town of Silent Hill for her child, comes across a population high in the disheveled factor, and runs from limping, faceless beings whose limited mobility makes them even scarier.

Silent Hill, directed by The Brotherhood of the Wolf's Cristophe Gans, is scheduled to hit North American theaters April 21.

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