Is This the Most Ridiculous Way to Play Doom Yet?

That aspect ratio is... not ideal.


Doom may be over 20 years old, but that doesn't mean you can't play it on bleeding-edge tech: it's now playable on the new MacBook Pro's touch bar.

The touch bar replaces the traditional function keys as a digital, more versatile input--and it can seemingly be reconfigured to display the original Doom!

A video from YouTube user diffractive - b3ll shows the 1993 classic running in the new laptop's control strip, though it's not clear how the protagonist is controlled. And the aspect ratio might not be the most conducive to playing the game well…

Doom seems to attract a pretty dedicated fanbase: other recent oddities have included new Doom's weapons being modded into the original, and Wolfenstein 3D being playable inside an old in-game Doom arcade machine.

That not crazy enough for you? How about Doom on an Inkjet printer, or even an ATM?

If you prefer your games new and on an actual games console or, y'know, a proper monitor, you might like to check out our Doom (2016) review.

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