Is There Going To Be A Warcraft Movie Sequel? Director Still Doesn't Know

Duncan Jones is still "waiting to hear" from Legendary.


Warcraft director Duncan Jones still does not know if he'll get to make a sequel.

Writing on Twitter (via IGN), Jones said he would "love" to get to work on a sequel, though that decision is ultimately in the hands of production company Legendary Entertainment.

The 2016 Warcraft movie was a disappointment at the US box office, but it did well in China and ended up making more than $430 million worldwide. That's a lot of money, so a sequel could happen, even though Warcraft might end up being an overall money-loser.

Jones has ideas for a trilogy, but it remains to be seen if he'll get to make another movie. The director shared some ideas for the sequel back in January.

His next movie is the cool-sounding, smaller-budget sci-fi film Mute, which comes to Netflix this year.

Warcraft is the highest-grossing single video game movie in history, surpassing the Jake Gyllenhaal-starring Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time ($336 million globally). The newest video game film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opened in January, pushing the series past $1 billion.

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