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Is Something Behind The Waterfall? A New Twitter Account Investigates

The waterfalls in video games can no longer hide their secrets thanks to this Twitter account.


Waterfalls in video games are like Groucho glasses. Everyone knows they're hiding something, but we're never quite sure what it is. A new Twitter account called Is Something Behind the Waterfall? is helping to solve this problem by curating the best waterfall secrets across all sorts of games.

Created by the same user behind Can You Pet the Dog?, the Is Something Behind the Waterfall? account began a few months ago and not only reveals if there is a secret behind a game's waterfall, but what that secret happens to be. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, for instance, you can find a treasure chest behind this particular waterfall.

There are only a few posts on the account so far, but they vary between newer games and retro ones. If you've ever missed a waterfall in Earthbound, you can correct that more than 25 years later, and even find a secret skull in the original Halo. The game just came to PC as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

It's less adorable than an account about petting dogs, but it's a neat resource that could give even veteran players more information on their favorite games. We'll also likely see the account get a little broader with defining "waterfalls" to allow for lava or acid, much as it did with including ghosts and cats on the first account.

With any luck, an account dedicated to whether or not a dark pit leads to death will be next. You can't trust the notes other players leave in Dark Souls.

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