Is Lost Ark Free? How To Play Amazon And Smilegate's MMORPG

Here's how the Western release of Smilegate's Korean MMO will run, and how you can play.


After releasing in Korea at the end of 2019, MMORPG Lost Ark is now available in the West for all players, with Amazon on board as a publisher. Lost Ark is free-to-play, relying on microtransactions for revenue. Here's everything you need to know about getting into Lost Ark.

Players can download Lost Ark for free from Steam or the game's website right now, having unlocked for everyone after a brief exclusive window for Founder's Pack members. You can find more details on getting into Lost Ark early here.

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While Korean MMOs are particularly notorious for predatory microtransactions, the Western release of Lost Ark has modified the way its microtransations work in order to cater for those cultural differences. Those changes include making sure that microtransactions are optional--in other words, giving players ways to earn the same content through regular gameplay if they choose, even if the process is fairly grindy. Players will also be able to trade any purchased items through the in-game economy.

The biggest microtransaction Lost Ark players should be aware of is the Crystalline Aura, a kind of monthly subscription that confers a number of useful buffs onto players including free fast travel, extra Bifrost slots, and reduced cooldowns and crafting time for the Stronghold. All

Lost Ark will also offer more conventional microtransactions, unlocking skins, pets, and other cosmetic items for players with cash to burn. However, as it's being published by Amazon, players with active Prime subscriptions can keep an eye out for freebies through Prime Gaming. The first of Amazon's free bundles is live now, offering a free Crystalline Aura, an Amethyst Shard pack and a Battle Chest bundle.

To celebrate its launch, Lost Ark has also made use of Amazon's ownership of Twitch, using the streaming platform to give away even more free loot to prospective players.

If you're ready to jump into Lost Ark now, check out our Lost Ark guide for beginners.

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