Is GSTL in trouble?

It might still be too early to make decisive statements but GSTL's future seems bleak.


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In March 2012, the e-Sports Federation (eSF) was established by a multitude of non-KeSPA teams to promote esports around the world and to guarantee rights for those uninvolved with KeSPA. However, things have been on the decline since then. In September 2013, three of the members left only to join KeSPA at a later date. A few months later, Soul disbanded, leaving GSTL down to only four teams -- a less than auspicious number of participants for any league.

Today, Ehan Ahn, who was previously an editor for Korean gaming publication ThisIsGame, offered a succinct:

No official statement has been offered as of yet by relevant parties but we'll let you know if that changes.

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