Is Demon's Souls Remake Coming To PC?

Will the Demon's Souls remake eventually come to PC, or will it remain a PS5 exclusive?


The Demon's Souls remake was released as a PS5 launch game, but whether or not it will remain exclusive on the PS5 or eventually come to PC, either through Steam or another digital storefront, is a bit confusing. Below, we'll parse through some of the messaging provided by Sony around the possibility of a Demon's Souls PC version and speculate on whether or not we think it's likely to happen.

Is Demon's Souls Remake Getting a PC Version?

An early gameplay reveal trailer for Bluepoint's Demon's Souls remake closed out with a screen clearly stating in the footnote, "Also available on PC." It also referred to the game as a "PlayStation exclusive," with the added note, "Not available on other consoles for a limited time." This led many to believe that the Demon's Souls remake was a PS5 console launch exclusive and that it would eventually make its way to other platforms, including PC.

Demon's Souls remake trailer bumper suggesting a PC version.
Demon's Souls remake trailer bumper suggesting a PC version.

According to Sony, this messaging was "human error." The trailer was promptly taken down and replaced with a new version of the trailer that did not include the PC announcement. When pressed for clarification by Kotaku on whether or not this means Demon's Souls is not coming to PC, a Sony representative said, "Yes, it's just PS5."

In August 2020, however, a corporate report from Sony expressed the company's interest in porting over more of its first-party titles to PC "in order to promote further growth in our profitability." We've already seen that strategy play out with the launch of first-party Sony titles like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn hitting Steam months or even years after their launch on PS4. Bloodborne, a PS4 exclusive since its launch in 2015 and another incredibly successful FromSoftware IP, is among the highest in-demand from PC players. The Demon's Souls remake, which Tamoor Hussain called an "unmitigated success" in our Demon's Souls review, could come to PC.

"It's Just PS5," Says Sony--But Is It Really?

Whether or not Demon's Souls will eventually find its way to PC remains to be seen, but it honestly seems likely. The mixed messaging, along with the fact that Demon's Souls is a PS5 launch game on a console with a fairly lean launch lineup of exclusives, certainly makes us suspect that Sony isn't giving us all the answers just yet. The Dark Souls games have seen massive success across multiple platforms, including PC, so to keep the Demon's Souls remake all to PS5 would not seem in line with Sony's reported shift in strategy regarding first-party titles.

Still, the short answer remains no--according to Sony's current messaging, the Demon's Souls remake is not coming to PC. But with a 92 on Metacritic so far, it's already enjoying a ton of critical acclaim, so we're not giving up hope just yet. Sony's more relaxed policy toward exclusives doesn't look like it will be changing anytime soon. That could be good news for PC players.

Demon's Souls launched on PS5 on November 12. If you're looking to pick up a console to play it now, check out our order guide for the latest on where to buy a PS5. If you have the console and game and just need some help, check out our Demon's Souls beginner's tips.

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