Iron Man Game Revealed For PSVR; Here Are All The Details

Suit up as the Iron Avenger.

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Marvel's Iron Man VR is a new PSVR title that puts you into Tony Stark's suit, allowing you fly and shoot down enemies with repulser blasts. The PS4 game's reveal trailer is linked below.

Iron Man VR is being developed by Camouflaj, a developer that previously created Republique and its VR port. In a blog post, Camouflaj director Ryan Payton wrote that his team is looking to create "a deeply personal, and appropriately funny, narrative" in Iron Man VR that sees Tony confront "ghosts from his past."

We didn't get too many details about Iron Man VR's gameplay, other than you'll have Friday--one of Iron Man's virtual assistants--offer combat and mission support during gameplay. Anyone who's been keeping up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe might recognize Friday as the assistant that Tony uploads into his suit after his previous assistant, Jarvis, evolved to become Vision during the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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The trailer starts out with Tony on a plane talking to Friday, although the trailer notes this cutscene is not actual gameplay. Their conversation is interrupted by a mysterious hacker and then suddenly--much like in Iron Man 3--the side of the plane is blown out and Tony is sucked out into the sky. Thankfully, Friday sends the pieces of his suit to him, and after armoring up, Tony flies off into the sky after the plane.

It looks like Iron Man VR will be played entirely in first person without customary cutscenes. Combat is a mixture of flight, repulser blasts, and punching. You use the PSVR headset to look around, as attacks can come in from all directions.

In comparison to Marvel's Spider-Man, Iron Man VR is a pretty different take on making a video game for a mainline superhero. Also a Sony exclusive, Spider-Man is an action role-playing game that puts you into the webbed feet of everyone's favorite wall-crawler. Despite being in third-person, Spider-Man manages to make you feel like you really are web-swinging through New York City and taking down thugs and criminals with all the deadly grace of a human spider. It would be cool if Sony manages to do something similar with Iron Man VR--creating a game that emulates the feeling of being a superhero.

Iron Man VR is currently scheduled for PSVR and will release sometime in 2019. As Sony Worldwide Studios is involved, Iron Man VR could be a PS4 exclusive, but that has not been confirmed.

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Zero explosions, no sense of speed or flying really.

My wallet thanks you. No purchase.

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It looks like your run of the mill on rails shooter

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looks kinda bad tbh

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Terrible trailer. 2002's visual FX. Horrible looking experience

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That looked good, and fun as heck to me. The Tony voice actor sounded too young. Didn't even attempt to find a RDJ impersonator.

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COOL! Get ready to puke...

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No man's sky the entire game coming to VR

You can take their word for it.

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one of the worst announcement trailer I've ever seen.

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That looks... Not good

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I bet that suit smells like a Polish armpit.

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@timthegem: Considering that it’s not smellivision, are you talking about...try an antiperspirant

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Well... at least Iron man fans will now be able to say "I'm Iron Man."



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@videogameninja: naaaah naaaah nah nah naaaaaaaah, nanananananana, nah nah naaaaah.

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is there a jarvis option?

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Trailer started. Soon as he said Friday I thought “oh awesome a marvel game universe!” Then it ended up looking like hot garbage and only for VR...

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I'm going to go ahead and predict that this will be on par with rubbing feces in your eyes.

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@esqueejy: No, this game is worse, because feces doesn't cost you anything.

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@Tomcat2007: Actually, you have to pay for and eat food to make it. I mean, it's not like food grows on trees or something.