Iridion II ships

Majesco announces that its futuristic shooter for the GBA is now in stores across North America.


Majesco has today shipped Iridion II for the Game Boy Advance to stores in North America. The game, which is the sequel to Iridion 3-D, is a shooter in which players assume control of a powerful spaceship and are charged with saving humankind from the armies of the Iridion Empire.

"Iridion 3-D was one of our most acclaimed Game Boy Advance titles and set the bar for graphic excellence on the system," said Ken Gold, vice president of marketing for Majesco. "With the sequel, Iridion II, we added a more in-depth story, improved the gameplay, and made the graphics even better."

Iridion II features no less than 16 levels--each containing a host of new enemies and two enormous boss encounters. Expect a full review of Iridion II in the not too distant future.

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