Iridion 3-D GBA Update

The first screenshots of and further information on Majesco's Game Boy Advance shooter.


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Majesco has officially confirmed its action game Iridion 3-D for the Game Boy Advance. The game includes seven huge levels of gameplay and a large arsenal of weapons, each with its own unique characteristics. Each mission encounters an array of mega-robots, bio-mechanic worms, and brigades of Iridion Starfighter combat crafts. Additionally, there are large boss characters in the game that are encountered using a 360-degree perspective. According to Majesco, Iridion 3-D will run at a fast-paced 60 frames per second.

"By pushing the graphics hardware of the Game Boy Advance to its technical limits, Iridion 3-D provides a truly realistic 3-D gaming experience," said Dan Kitchen, vice president of handheld development for Majesco. "Players will be amazed that such smooth environments and intense gameplay can now be achieved on a portable system."

Majesco's in-house team, Pipe Dream Interactive, is developing Iridion 3-D. The game is expected to ship with the launch of the GBA this June in North America.

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