Irem to show Disaster Report sequel at Tokyo Game Show

Irem will be showing the sequel to its natural disaster survival game, in addition to an unnamed title, at the TGS.


TOKYO--Irem has announced that it will be exhibiting a sequel to Disaster Report at the Tokyo Game Show. Irem's sequel to the natural disaster survival action game will be titled "Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 2: Ite-tsuita Kioku tachi," which translates to "Disaster Report 2: The Frozen Memories."

Slated for release next year on the PlayStation 2, Disaster Report 2 is set in December 2010, five years after the fall of Stiver Island, the city in Disaster Report 1. The game takes place in a provincial city that is attempting to expand underground through a project named Geo Frontier. The game begins on Christmas Eve, when the Geo Frontier project's first stage gets completed. Rather than having a holy night, the city gets cursed with heavy rainfall that causes intense flooding.

In Disaster Report 2, gamers will need to survive in the flooded city by cooperating with others and by avoiding surging water. The winter weather forces gamers to find ways to keep themselves warm and dry as they progress through the game and face illness or even death. Much of the game follows the course of two college students, but other characters will be playable as well. Disaster Report 2 will offer a new system whereby something you do with one character will affect the gameplay of another character. For example, a character who moves water from one room to another by opening a floodgate may render the other room impassable for another character.

Irem will also be exhibiting an additional, unnamed game at the Tokyo Game Show. More details on the unnamed title will be announced next week, possibly before the Tokyo Game Show begins.

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