IPL 5 ShootMania $100,000 Tournament

Get ready for an intense ShootMania tournament at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on 11/29-12/2 hosted by the IGN Pro League.


ShootMania Storm

Get ready for fast paced first person shooter action in the IPL 5 ShootMania tournament. Elite Mode will be the official mode used for the tournament in which two teams of three battle it out in a return to classic FPS action. Eight teams will battle it out for a top prize of $30,000. Who will you be rooting for to win? For more information about teams, the format and more see here.

IPLShootMania Stream Schedule

All times PDT


  • 4 pm - 7 pm Wild Card Qualifier Round of 16 M1
  • 8 pm Wild Card Qualifier Finals


  • 10 am Group A Epsilon vs Sk Gaming
  • 11 am Group A Colwn vs Spin Move
  • 12 pm Group A Sk Gaming vs Spin Move
  • 1 pm Group A Colwn vs Epsilon
  • 2 pm Group A Epsilon vs Spin Move
  • 3 pm Group A Colwn vs SK Gaming
  • 4 pm Group B Wild Card Qualifier vs compLexity
  • 5 pm Group B TCM Gaming vs compLexity
  • 6 pm Group B TCM Gaming vs Planet Xpress
  • 7 pm Group B compLexity vs Planet Xpress
  • 8 pm Group B Wild Card Qualifier vs TCM Gaming
  • 9 pm Group B Wild Card Qualifier vs Planet Xpress

Championship Sunday

  • 11 am Semi-final 1
  • 12 pm Semi-final 2
  • 1 pm Finals

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