iPhone 6 Specs 'On Par' With PS4 and Xbox One, Says EA Exec

Frank Gibeau upbeat on possibilities with next-generation smartphone tech.

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The latest addition to Apple's line of smartphones will be comparable in performance to next-generation consoles, according to one EA executive.

Frank Gibeau, who manages Electronic Arts' mobile division, told GamesIndustry.biz he believes that the iPhone 6 demonstrates the diminishing performance gap between home consoles and mobiles.

Enumerating various iPhone 6 specs and features, Gibeau said: "With the retina display and the improved processor, combined with the Metal [graphics] capabilities and 128 GB of memory, that gets you to a device that's on part [sic] with next-generation consoles. That's moving perfectly into our strike zone," he claimed.

Apple revealed two new versions of its iPhone for the first time on Tuesday. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch screen (1334x750 resolution), while the larger 6 Plus carries a 5.5-inch screen (1920x1080).

The corporation didn't detail each device's specs, but the latest rumors suggest it will carry one Gigabyte of RAM and a processor that runs at about 1.4 gigahertz.

If correct, or even if these specs are doubled, the iPhone would not be anywhere near as powerful as next-generation consoles. From a memory standpoint alone, the PS4 and Xbox One both carry 8GB.

Another key factor is that home consoles are always attached to a power supply, meaning that they can draw significantly more energy than a portable battery such as the iPhone's.

However, with the upcoming iOS8 firmware, Apple intends to reduce the demands of background processes significantly, meaning that games and apps will be free to draw more memory.

Gibeau and his team at EA is also looking into how to build games for Apple's other newly announced device, the Apple Watch.

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