iOS Adds Support For Switch Pro And Joy-Con Controllers

The software apparently works "perfectly".


Apple has confirmed it will be adding Nintendo Switch Pro controller and Joy-Con support for the upcoming iOS 16 update.

According to a recent report from The Verge, iOS developer Riley Testut tested a beta version of iOS 16 and said that the Pro controller worked perfectly with the software. In a Twitter thread, Testut explained that both Joy-Cons will appear as a single MFi Controller when they are connected to apps on an Apple device. "Apple seriously killed it with this implementation, this is incredible," he said.

In the thread, the developer went on to add that users will be able to dynamically switch between using both Joy-Cons as a single controller or two separate controllers by holding down specific buttons.

Nat Brown, an engineering manager at Apple, confirmed this option and explained how to experiment with the new feature. "Test away. Let me know if you hit any issues," he said. "With both [Joy-Cons] paired, hold the bottom face buttons (left 'capture', right 'home') for a few seconds to join the Joy-Cons into one controller and do it again to split them."

iOS 16 is expected to be officially released later this year although a public beta test will be available next month. The software is also currently only available as a developer preview for testing.

Earlier this week, during Apple's annual WWDC keynote event, the company also confirmed that iOS 16 will bring game center updates, as well as feature text messaging improvements, and more.

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