InXile Boss Brian Fargo To Retire After Wasteland 3 Ships In 2019

"It seems like a good time to drop the mic."


Brian Fargo, an industry veteran who worked at original Fallout developer Interplay and now heads up inXile, has announced that he will retire in 2019 after his studio's latest game, Wasteland 3, comes out.

Fargo told Eurogamer, "It seems like a good time to drop the mic," adding that Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera "came out great."

Some of inXile's other in-development projects include The Bard's Tale and the virtual reality game The Mage's Tale.

Fargo told Eurogamer that after decades of work in the video game business, it's time to take a break.

"I love this industry, but I've been at this since 1981. I've been at it with Ken and Roberta Williams [Sierra co-founders], Trip Hawkins [EA founder], the guys from Brøderbund," he said. "I look at my friends, they have a lot more spare time than I do. It's a very intense business. It's all encompassing. It seems like I should relax for a little bit."

It remains to be seen who will replace Fargo as inXile's top boss, though he said he's confident in his team and their abilities. "I've been training these people for years to make me obsolete. That's what you have to do as a leader of a company," he said.

Finally, Fargo stressed that inXile, as it stands today, is a profitable company with a bright future.

"We don't owe any external people any money. We don't have any debt," he said. "The other shares are with some of the employees of the company. So as long as it continues doing good product it should be fine."

You can read the full interview here at Eurogamer.

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