Inversion delayed

Namco Bandai pushes Saber Interactive's new Xbox 360, PS3, and PC third-person shooter to early 2012; additional time needed to "polish several key aspects" of the title.


Saber Interactive's gravity-flexing shooter Inversion has bent its February 7 release so far it has been broken. Publisher Namco Bandai confirmed with GameSpot today that the shooter will miss its projected release date and is now scheduled for sometime during early 2012.

Inversion's release date has lost its footing.
Inversion's release date has lost its footing.

According to the publisher, additional information regarding the release of Inversion will be provided in an upcoming announcement. As for why the publisher pushed the game, Namco said, "This additional development time will allow the team to polish several key aspects of the game ensuring Inversion is of the highest quality."

This isn't the first time Inversion has been delayed. The title was originally scheduled to make its premiere for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in 2010, before later being moved to February 7, 2012.

Inversion tells the story of a near-future human race that has been overrun by an invading enemy known as the Lutadore. The invaders bring with them the game's defining gravity-manipulation devices. These weapons' effects are complicated by a rift in the fundamental physical force that ties objects together, causing various parts of the city to become zero-gravity hot zones.

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