Introversion working on new title

Defcon and Darwinia developer has started work on a fourth project, codenamed "Subversion."


British game company Introversion, which has dubbed its team "the last of the bedroom programmers," last month announced its next title is currently in preproduction.

Yep, it's a game.
Yep, it's a game.

Code named Subversion, the game was originally started in July 2002 but was then shelved, according to lead designer and developer Chris Delay, writing in a blog post on Introversion's Web site. Delay explains that the reason the game was originally shelved was so that he could spend time working on a project codenamed Future War, which later became Darwinia--the winner of the top prize at the 2006 Independent Games Festival Awards.

"What's really hilarious is that it seemed like such an obvious decision at the time," Delay wrote. "Subversion was shaping up to be a really big project, still years away from completion. Future War on the other hand appeared to be much closer." Things didn't quite turn out that way, and Future War took another three years to complete and bankrupted the company "both financially and spiritually."

After Darwinia's release, another decision was made to continue work on a different project--Defcon--and shelve Subversion once again. Now, with Defcon complete, the team will be turning their full attention to Subversion.

The production process is being detailed with screenshots and videos on the company's blog, but the developers have not yet given details on gameplay.

Introversion is based in Surrey, England, and was founded in January 2002 by Chris Delay, Mark Morris, and Thomas Arundel. The company's first release was Uplink, where gamers take on the role of a computer hacker.

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