Introducing the Writer's Roundtable!

We reveal a new program dedicated to creative writers on GameSpot


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We have an exciting new program and volunteer dedicated to GameSpotters who enjoy publishing editorial blogs and user reviews on GameSpot. In the past month we've recruited prolific writers to assist with a new program called the GameSpot Writers Round Table (GSWR). Starting today, you can share your written work in GSWR prior to publishing it.

In addition to being an ideal place to get insights about your writing, the GameSpot Writers Round Table is the perfect place to gain recognition from GameSpot Staff. The experts who will be examining your work are volunteers known as "Justicars". If you wish to become an official GameSpot Justicar, simply submit an application to the email with the subject "Justicar Application" with a brief introduction, examples of your work, and why you should be considered.

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