Introducing the first Next Big Game: Titanfall

Learn more about a new GameSpot feature highlighting the biggest upcoming games.

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2014 has already brought some exciting changes, both big and small to GameSpot and we're nearly ready to unveil one more. Today, we're starting The Next Big game.

It's a new feature that not only focuses on the games that will have a big impact on the industry, but it also brings more attention to the talented people that help bring these experiences to life. There will be a new piece of content each day for the next five days, and all of it can be found on an easy-to-navigate hub.

It should come as no surprise that our very first entry is about Titanfall, a game poised to grab everyone's attention in the very competitive first-person shooter genre. The beta alone has already become one of 2014's major events leading up to the game's launch on March 11. But it's important to note that the Next Big Game isn't just about the triple-A games. We'll also cover the independent games that are forging new gameplay mechanics and concepts we think you might be interested in.

And that's the key to all of this: the GameSpot community. You've had a tremendous influence on the design of this feature, and you'll have even more influence on the games we select, both classic and upcoming, for future Next Big Game installments. Our choices will be based on what games you're looking at on the site.

With that in mind, we also welcome your suggestions and feedback in the comments below. None of us would be able to do this job without the time you spend reading and watching our content, so let us know what you think and prepare for Titanfall.

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