Interview with Dungeon Siege's Chris Taylor

GameSpot Australia talks to the game designer about his upcoming role-playing game and his plans for the future.


GameSpot Australia recently talked to Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor, the lead designer on the upcoming role-playing game Dungeon Siege and the creator of the popular real-time strategy game Total Annihilation. In the interview, Taylor discusses his personal goals for Dungeon Siege, how players will manage their party of adventurers, the relationship between the game's single- and multiplayer modes, and the editor that will be included in the game. In addition, Taylor discusses some of the challenges involved in game development and his plans for future role-playing and strategy games. To read the complete interview, visit GameSpot Australia.

GameSpot followed up on the Dungeon Siege sequel and new real-time strategy game mentioned in the interview, but according to Taylor, no work has begun on the projects, and anything can happen this early in the development process. We'll post more information about future Chris Taylor games as it becomes available.

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