Interplay confirms original Giants game for the Xbox

Planet Moon Studios is currently developing a new Giants game for the Microsoft Xbox.


Interplay and Planet Moon Studios have confirmed the development of an entirely new game in the Giants franchise for the Microsoft Xbox. Specific gameplay information has not been released at this time, but Planet Moon hopes to take advantage of the Xbox hardware by creating detailed character models and using advanced texturing and visual effects.

"We look forward to bringing the Giants franchise to the Xbox," stated Bob Stevenson, co-founder of Planet Moon Studios. "The capabilities of the Xbox open the franchise up to endless creative and technical possibilities."

"We're excited about teaming up with Planet Moon once again," said Jim Molitor, president of Interplay's Digital Mayhem division. "The Xbox is a great platform for us to exercise our creative and technical muscles on a project of this nature."

Further information regarding the tentatively titled Giants for the Xbox will be released in the coming weeks.

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