Interplay confirms Giants PS2

Interplay confirms previous reports by announcing that the critically acclaimed PC game Giants: Citizen Kabuto will be released on the PlayStation 2.


Interplay has confirmed the development of Giants: Citizen Kabuto for the PlayStation 2. The game is being developed by Digital Mayhem, who promises that the PS2 version will take advantage of the console's powerful hardware and will feature richly detailed character models. Additionally, the company hopes to use the polygon-crunching power of the PS2 to create smooth and organic-looking world models with all-new effects. The game's controls will also be tweaked to make it user-friendly for console players using the Dual Shock controller.

In the action game, players assume control of one of three races in order to gain supremacy of a vast 3D world known simply as The Island. The game's levels are spread throughout several island formations, and they include such varying terrain as lush jungles, volcanic rocks, and icebergs. While battling through this diverse terrain, players can use projectile weapons, magical spells, group tactics, and other specific attacks.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto will be released on the PlayStation 2 in Q2 2001. Planet Moon Studios developed the PC version. Other works by Digital Mayhem include Virtual Pool 3, MDK2 Armageddon, and the PlayStation 2 version of Run Like Hell.

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