Interplay and Monolith Strike Deal

Interplay will distribute three of Monolith's upcoming role-playing games this fall.


This morning Monolith and Interplay put the finishing touches on a deal that will give Interplay the distribution rights for three of Monolith's upcoming role-playing games: Septerra Core, Rage of Mages 2 and Odium. The three games, all due sometime in the fall, are being developed by independent companies and published by Monolith itself. While exact figures weren't disclosed, Interplay's director of marketing Kirk Green told GameSpot News that, as with any similar deal, the company stands to make a tidy profit.

Last year, Monolith handled all the publishing and distribution of Shogo: MAD and Rage of Mages. "Publishing Shogo ourselves went a long way to spread the Monolith name and give it mass coverage", Monolith PR manager Paul Butterfield told GameSpot News. "But Interplay has marketing resources and distribution experience a company the size of Monolith simply doesn't".

With continued high sales of Baldur's Gate and favorable previews of the upcoming Planescape: Torment, Interplay seems to have struck gold with role-playing titles. Hopefully this agreement with Monolith will continue Interplay's newfound success.

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