Internet Makes 6-Year-Old's Day With Free Switch Games

An E3 host traveling home after the event crowdsourced a huge game giveaway to a lucky kid who happened to sit near him in an airport.


A young boy waiting at the airport received a nice surprise from charitable strangers on the internet. The six-year-old Nintendo fan received 15 Switch game codes for free after E3 host Greg Miller sent out a call for contributions.

Miller tweeted that the boy noticed they both had Among Us loaded on their Switch systems at the airport. So he sent out a message asking for any spare age-appropriate Switch codes so he could hand them over and "blow his mind." Roughly 15 minutes later he followed-up asking people to please stop sending codes, because he was trying to copy them all down onto a sheet of paper before he had to board his plane.

The result was roughly 15 free games, with a diverse range like Lego DC Super Villains, Nuts, and Donut County. Miller said the boy, only identified as McCoy, was "VERY happy."

So the kindness of internet strangers helped crowdsource a nice surprise for a budding game fan. Sometimes, Internet, you do good.

Miller was one of the main hosts for the E3 media event this week, which officially wrapped up yesterday. GameSpot's own summer game event, Play For All, is now ongoing, with charitable donations going toward the accessibility advocacy organization AbleGamers.

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