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Internet Explorer Replacement Finally Gets a Name

Say hello to Microsoft Edge.


During Microsoft's Build conference today in San Francisco, the company officially announced the name of its Internet Explorer replacement that will launch with Windows 10 later this summer. Previously known as Project Spartan (a reference to Halo, of course), the browser's official name is now Microsoft Edge.

GameSpot sister site CNET attended the event today, and reports that Microsoft went with the name Edge because the company sees it as being on the cutting edge of what consumers want.

Image credit: Nate Ralph/CNET
Image credit: Nate Ralph/CNET

"The newest updates to the renamed browser include a new page layout for new tabs, which creates what looks and feels like a customized home page, with links and thumbnails of the websites you visit more frequently, web-based apps you use, and personalized information pulled from Cortana," CNET's Dan Ackerman writes.

One of the standout features for Edge is its support for Microsoft's virtual assistant technology, Cortana, which is another reference to the Halo series. The new browser also lets users draw directly on-screen via Web Note to annotate pages and then share them.

People with access to the Windows 10 technical preview (sign up here) can try out Edge today. But be warned, it's still in development and as such, it could be buggy and doesn't include all the features that will be available when it launches publicly.

Although Edge will be the default browser for Windows 10, Internet Explorer will still come loaded with the new operating system for compatibility reasons. For more on Edge, check out CNET's in-depth coverage.

Windows 10 launches this summer (the end of July, if AMD is right), and will be available as a free upgrade for existing Windows users. The new operating system also has a renewed focus on gaming.

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