Intergalactic Bounty Hunter announced

PAN Interactive reveals its upcoming sci-fi action-adventure game.


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Swedish game company PAN Interactive has announced its upcoming sci-fi action-adventure game, Intergalactic Bounty Hunter. The game is in joint development at PAN Interactive and Los Angeles-based Creative Capers. It will feature more than 30 levels with a rich 1950s-style sci-fi ambience. Players will assume the role of a top agent in the Intergalactic Order of the Bounty Hunter, an elite paramilitary force operating above the law. As a bounty hunter, players accept warrants issued by the Federation to bring fugitive criminals to justice by whatever means necessary.

Intergalactic Bounty Hunter will feature more than 30 unique characters, useful items such as remote cameras and traps, brain-scan and mind-control technology, and a cinematic soundtrack. Players will be able to customize their characters by purchasing enhancements with their reward money and discovering alien technology.

For more information about the game, visit the official Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Web site. Intergalactic Bounty Hunter is scheduled for release in September.

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