Interested in an Alan Wake Xbox One Remaster? Microsoft Wants to Know

Would you like an Alan Wake remaster as a preorder bonus for Remedy's Quantum Break?

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A Microsoft survey is asking players if they're interested in playing a remastered version Alan Wake on Xbox One.

Images of the survey, which were first posted to Reddit, asked participants if they'd buy a remastered version of the game and recommend it to friends. Interestingly, it specifically asked if a free copy of a remastered version of Alan Wake would make them preorder Remedy Entertainment's upcoming game, Quantum Break.

Other options in the survey offered as potential preorder bonuses for Quantum Break include a $5 discount, an exclusive in-game outfit for your character, an additional 20 minutes playable chapter, and a chance to win a trip to Remedy's studios in Finland.

Last year, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said that Remedy is currently too busy working on Quantum Break, but that if Microsoft was ever to make an Alan Wake 2, Remedy would have to be the developer behind it.

The original Alan Wake, released in 2010, went on to sell more than 2 million copies. In addition to DLC, it received one follow-up in the download-only Alan Wake's American Nightmare, released in 2012. The two games have combined to sell more than 3 million copies.

Remedy's Quantum Break is due out on Xbox One in 2015. Prior to working on Alan Wake, the studio was best known for having created the Max Payne series.

Would like a remastered version of Alan Wake on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

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