Interested in a challenging yet fun indie turn-based strategy game?

We found a great indie game for you this week that will keep you up most of the night as you try to figure out how to beat the demo.


You wake up in an unknown facility, in a medical gown and nothing else. The cold sense of reality sets in; you don't know your surroundings, the time, or why you're even there. All you know is that you need to survive. NEO Scavenger is a turn-based strategy game where your only goal is to survive with the basic skills you can equip yourself with at the beginning and items you find along the way.

The unknown
The unknown

The map you must trek through is massive and changes with each playthrough. You will come across many obstacles that will keep you guessing which direction you should take and that will more than likely send you to your death, but there lies the replayability of this game. We found ourselves wanting to keep living and to get further and further through this big map, but the ever-changing terrain with each playthrough keeps you on your toes and constantly rethinking your strategy from before.

The beginning of the end.
The beginning of the end.

You come up against looters, thieves, raiders, and more. We found ourselves playing for hours and hours, and you can too by trying out the demo here, or you can support the developer by contributing to the beta.

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