InstantAction goes free-to-play

GarageGames' Web browser-based gaming service drops subscription model, making all games gratis; ActionPass subscribers eligible for refunds.


Fallen Empire: Legions

In March, GarageGames opened up the doors to InstantAction, a Web browser-based gaming service that sought to raise the bar on what to expect from Internet games. Rather than hosting a hash of low-quality Flash-based games, InstantAction allowed developers to create "near console quality" using GarageGames' proprietary Torque engine or any other game engine to work in a Web browser.

Today, the Eugene, Oregon-based developer said it would be doing away with the service's subscription service and, in the process, would make all games currently hosted on the service free-to-play. InstantAction currently plays home to half a dozen titles, including Cyclomite, from Bungie Studios founder Alex Seropian's Wideload Shorts.

GarageGames further announced that those who had previously purchased an ActionPass subscription would gain advanced access to the beta for three upcoming titles: flight-combat Ace of Aces, mech actioner Lore: Aftermath, and arcade racer Blur. Current ActionPass subscribers will also be eligible to receive a refund on their purchases through June 1, 2009.

For more on InstantAction, check out GameSpot's interview with GarageGames founder Josh Williams.

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