Inspector Gadget on the GBA

Gadget is back to thwart the evil plans of Claw in this Game Boy Advance game.


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French publisher Light & Sound Productions has announced that it will release a Game Boy Advance game featuring Inspector Gadget. The game, titled Inspector Gadget Advance Missions, will place the sleuth in a variety of real-world locations, including the United States, France, China, and Egypt. The game will feature all the familiar characters from the TV series, such as Penny, her dog Brain, and the sinister Claw. The game will feature three playable characters, each with his or her own special skills and weaknesses. In terms of multiplayer options, the game will let three players compete at once using the GBA link cable.

Light & Sound Productions previously released an Inspector Gadget game for the Game Boy Color. Inspector Gadget Advance Missions for the GBA has currently been confirmed for the European market alone for November 2001. No word yet on a North American release.

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