Insidious Producer Jason Blum Says There's "A Good Chance" Of More Movies

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When Insidious: The Last Key hit theaters back in January, many believed this to be the final chapter of the hit horror franchise. It told the origin story of Elisa Rainier (Lin Shaye), something fans of the franchise had been hoping for.

But could there be more story to tell from the Insidious lore? While another sequel to the series hasn't been announced, producer Jason Blum admits a return is possible. While speaking to GameSpot to promote the new Halloween, he admitted "there's a very good chance" another Insidious movie will happen at some point.

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"What was our tagline on [The Last Key]? Do you remember? The Final Chapter or something," he said. "I'm trying to fight it, I haven't fought it successfully yet, but like I said I think there's a good chance."

Of course, should another Insidious movie happen, there are some questions to ask. Would Leigh Whannell--writer of all four films, director of Insidious: Chapter 3--be involved? Who would take over as director? How much of the franchise's cast would return?

Outside of Shaye's Rainier, the only characters to appear in all four films are Tucker (Angus Sampson) and Specs (Whannell). Surely someone from that trio would have to appear, if only to keep the continuity alive.

Whatever the case, without being announced yet, chances are it'll be some time before another Insidious film comes to pass. As it stands, Blumhouse--the production company behind the franchise--has sequels to Happy Death Day and The Gallows in the works, along with a list of other horror films--including Jordan Peele's next movie Us and M. Night Shyamalan's Glass.

For fans of the franchise, though, Blum saying there's a "good chance" of getting another Insidious movie is great news. Now you just need to wait patiently for it to hopefully happen.

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