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Inside Out 2 Fans Should Check Out The New Lego Mood Cube Set

The officially licensed Mood Cube Lego Set is 394 pieces and includes figurines of Joy and Anxiety.


Inside Out 2 has been a runaway success at the box office, pulling in a staggering $295 million globally during its opening weekend. As you'd expect, Disney launched an extensive lineup of merch to coincide with the film's release, and arguably the coolest product is the Inside Out 2 Mood Cube Lego Set. You'll want to check it out soon, however, as it's already sold out at Best Buy and has rocketed to the top of the bestseller chart for new building kits on Amazon.

Additionally, the two Mood Cubes can be used to store small objects, as their interior is completely hollow--allowing kids to stash stickers, toys, or more Legos inside.

While the set isn't being discounted, it only costs $35. Considering this is an official collaboration between Disney and Lego, that's a pretty solid price. And with the success of Inside Out 2, we wouldn't expect to see a price cut anytime soon.

There are plenty of other cool Inside Out 2 toys and collectibles to consider, and you'll find our favorites below. Note that some of these have been quite popular on Amazon and are temporarily out of stock. However, you can still place an order for out-of-stock items, and Amazon will let you know when an estimated delivery date is established. Out favorites are the adorable weighted Embarrassment plush and the talking Sadness plush.

Best Inside Out 2 Toys

Left: Embarrassment Weighted Comfort Plus, Right: Talk It Out Sadness Plush
Left: Embarrassment Weighted Comfort Plus, Right: Talk It Out Sadness Plush

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