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Will NovaLogic be able to deliver a military sim-action game that can hold its own?


Novalogic, a company best known for it modern-day flight sims, has taken the US Army's commando unit, Delta Force, and created a game that deviates from the norm of current action games by offering greater realism and more stealthy gameplay. Gamers have already been introduced to this type of game, first through Ripcord's SpecOps and more recently by the more successful Rainbow Six from Red Storm.

Delta Force features missions that you'd expect from a commando-style game, such as infiltrating bases and neutralizing hostile targets. Your missions will take you to various locations, including South America to fight drug cartels, and Russia to fight nuclear terrorists. To mix it up even further, there will be night, dawn, and day missions.

Of course, because of the game's realism, you have to be stealthier than you would in other action games. You have to be even doubly careful because you are acting out in this game world alone. There are no controllable "wingman" as in SpecOps, or teammates as in Rainbow Six. So not only does the game's realism require more caution, so does the fact that you are going it alone.

If you don't want to play with super realism, the game also supports more Quake-style health meters, which helps in multiplayer mode when you don't want to be taken down with single bullet. You can also play in first-person mode to evoke the more traditional Doom/Quake feel in deathmatch.

Not only is there the typical modem and LAN play, but there is also support for large multiplayer battles on Novalogic's Novaworld online gaming service, which already hosts dogfights for the company's flight sim products. Up to 30 players can participate in deathmatches, co-op play, and capture the flag games.

Will Delta Force be able capitalize on this emerging subgenre of realistic, military sim/action games and deliver an even better product? We'll find out soon, as Delta Force, Novalogic's third-person action is due at retailers soon. In the meantime, you can play the demo by going to our download center.

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