Inside Comic-Con 2012: Behind the Scenes

Go beyond scenes with us at Comic-Con 2012.


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Who, What and When?

Date July 8, 2012

Homer Rabara assigns Maxwell McGee a difficult task, find who is going to Comic-Con 2012 and discover what will be different with GameSpot's coverage this year.

Starting Wednesday, July 11, San Diego Comic-Con will open their doors for their preview of the show. We'll be there to explore the show early, and for the remainder of the week. Visit and ComicVine to watch the coverage!

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Making Comic-Con Magic Happen

Date July 9th, 2012

Ryan Mac Donald introduces us to the behind the scenes wizards who use their magic to make the coverage of Comic-Con happen.

Comic-Con is still around the corner and soon their doors will open for preview night. And of course we will be there to check out the earily sneek peeks. For the remainder of the week. Visit and ComicVine to watch the coverage!

Who, What and When? Making Comic-Con Magic

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Bee Destroyer!

Date July 10th, 2012

GameSpot's war room, our workstation area, has already had a battle and a hero that saved the day! Today we encountered a bee invasion. Not only did the bee destroyer remind us of cosplay, he also saved us, just like the comic book heroes. See it in action!

If you'[re worried about what happened to the bees, Synthia has a completely other story in the video description on the GameSpot Spotlight channel.

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Day Zero Morning Check-in

Date July 11th, 2012

The breakfast with community segments have returned for San Diego Comic-Con 2012!

Check back daily on the GameSpot Spotlight channel for these and other random videos we'll have. .

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